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Meet the Meerkat 👋

Cult of Meerkats #COM is a charity-focused NFT project on Solana with a big community available on MagicEden, Solsea and Digitaleyes. Praise the Cult!

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within 10 min !!!

See Meerkats at

Meet the Meerkat 👋

A charity oriented NFT on Solana which is totally for free. Join the cult and be a part of a rapid growing community.

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Welcome to the Cult (COM)

Meerkats appear in a multitude of manifestations such as space rider, ultimate hipster, out of life skeleton and many more.

10.000 Unique Meerkats

At “The Cult of Meerkats” (COM) we pride ourselves on diversity and with a vast amount of randomly generated traits you’ll find the ideal Meerkat that responds with your inner self, if you want to 🙂
Our utmost goal is to support NGOs globally with the help of our vibrant cult.


🚀 Launch Date - Soon on Solana

All 10k Cult of Meerkats will be minted and released to our vibrant cult community. Join Discord to be up to date.

🚀 Exchange Listings

Meerkats begin trading on Solana NFT marketplaces – details to be announced shortly!

🚀 The Cult Community

As Verified member you show pride as a Meerkat holder and will benefit from future community incentives.

🚀 Make an Impact

All Meerkat holders can continuously vote (once a month), which NGO receives 5% royalties as a donation.

🚀 Exclusive Community rewards

All Meerkat holders will receive exclusive rewards after we have got listed at marketplace(s) and have donated a minimum of one royalty tranche to a NGO chosen by the “Cult of Meerkats”.

Cult of Shamans

Freddy Meerkat

Guru of Design, Concept & Strategy

Mick Meerkat

Guru of Marketing & Growth Hacker

Mevil Meerkat

Guru of Development & Strategy

Mitchell Meerkat

Guru of NGOs, Concept & Strategy

Join the Cult

You are still unsure? You have questions?
That’s absolutely no problem, join our cult on Discord, feel comfortable, connect with meerkat owners and take the time you need.

If you have any unanswered questions, feel free to check out our FAQ section or reach out to Discord.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the “Cult of Meerkats” and what are the tokenomics?

We are a generative on-chain NFT-project, built on Solana. We are a community driven, charity focused project. Our focus is to support wildlife conservation organizations and other NGOs. The maximum number will be 10.000, there will never be more: 9900 can be minted during our sale. 100 will be reserved for the team, incentives, marketing, and giveaways.

Mission Statement

We believe that a strong, engaging community is the backbone of every great project – that´s because we have chosen the meerkat as a character. Together we can achieve greatness.

• We will donate 5% of the profits to an NGO of your choice
• Every month, we will collect the royalties (15%) and use 5% for charity donations of your choice, and 10% for the team & community benefits
• Incentives for community members: most engaging members will receive free Meerkats-NFTs, details will follow

Is each Meerkat unique?

Yes. Each Meerkat should be unique, with its individual appearance.

Is there a presale (whitelisting) and if so, what do I need to do to secure a spot?

Yes, we implemented a pre-mint system because we want to make sure that everyone who wants a Meerkat can get one. Every member that is eligible for the pre-mint will receive the status “Meerkat”. A person can only receive one allocation, leading to one guaranteed mint. It is yet to decide how you can mint or receive the whitelisted Meerkats. But you will get them – 100%.

There are three ways how you can earn a whitelist-spot:

1. Help us to grow this community: invite at least 5 people to our Discord server. A bot will count your progress and will deduct any person that leaves the server or is considered as fake (less than 3 days old). If you have reached the goal we will assign the “Meerkat”-role to your profile based on the invites – leader-board.

2. Show your support on Twitter. Tweet about this project and help us to grow this community (several Tweets needed). Ongoing support will be rewarded with a presale-spot. Please post your Tweets in 🐣twitter-marketing on our Discord-server.

3. Be an engaging, helpful, and kind community member. We will scan the activity on our Discord-server and send you an invitation if we feel that you deserve the spot.

Are you going to send free Meerkats-NFTs as incentives for the most successful inviters?

Absolutely 😊! The top 3 inviters of the Discord-server will receive 1 free Meerkat-NFT each.

How can I mint one or more of these Meerkats and become part of the Cult?

1. Only use the following Solana-wallets: or Phantom.

2. Make sure that you have the funds ready for the transaction fee.

3. The moment we will launch, you can mint the Meerkats straight from our website. Make sure to connect your wallet beforehand and refresh the site at the scheduled time.

4. After you successfully minted your NFT it should show up as a token-ID in your wallet. Rendered images can be seen in your phantom wallet, on our website, or via followed by your wallet-id.

When launch and how much?

The launch will take place soon on Solana. Meerkats are for free! A free NFT allows the whole community to decide what a Meerkat will actually be worth.

How many Meerkats am I allowed to mint?

Every individual can mint 1 Meerkat in public drop.


Upon the mint of a Meerkat NFT, you own the art completely. That means you can create derivates, sell merch and be creative, as long as you own that original NFT. However, you are not allowed to burn the NFT as this would have a negative effect on the whole collection (rarity, total number).